Remove Heart Blockage Without Surgery

ESMR Treatment  – Remove Heart Blockage Without Surgery in Pune

Why is ESMR treatment called the non-invasive or non-surgical Bypass treatment?

When Patient says No to Angioplasty And Bypass Then. ESMR Treatment is the best option that time  So Remove Heart Blockage Without Surgery. 

ESMR Treatment forms new natural blood vessels which improve the oxygenated blood supply to the affected portion of the heart non-surgically or non-pharmaceutically. For the reason, it is called non-in or non-surgical Bypass treatment or Non-Invasive Cardiac Angiogenesis Therapy.

Shock waves are kind of sound waves (like an ultrasound) with high intensity and short duration. The sound waves are generated by an underwater high voltage spark, which is delivered non- invasively. They are focused by a special ellipsoid reflector. The reflector is coupled to the patient’s skin near the affected area with a water cushion. The focal zone distance into the patient’s body is adjusted according to the clinical requirements. The wave targeted to the ischemic zone exerts mechanical tension and pressure on the tissue causing shear stress on the vessel wall. This stimulates angiogenesis-related growth factors initiating angiogenesis process. Hridayam heart care clinic is the best hospital to remove heart blockage without surgery in Pune. 

  • What is the treatment duration and strategy?

The whole treatment duration is 20-30 minutes and the patient should undergo a series of nine treatment sessions during a nine-week period. 3 treatment at first week of each month – 1st week, 5th week, 9th week.

  • How would you feel during the ESMR treatment?

During the treatment you might feel a local tickling in the treatment area, accompanied by a certain degree of noise.

  • Is shockwave technology used in another field of medicine?

Shockwave technology is presently being used in the field of Urology for breaking kidney stones and in Orthopedics for bone and soft tissue injuries.

  • What are the distinct advantages of ESMR over surgery?

Unlike bypass surgery, Angioplasty and stenting procedures, ESMR is non-invasive, carries no risk, painless, no anaesthesia or sedatives required, no retreatment limitations and is an outpatients procedure and this is also Non-Surgical Treatment. Book an appointment Remove Heart Blockage Without Surgery In Pune.

Remove Heart Blockage Without Surgery
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Remove Heart Blockage Without Surgery
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