Heart Treatment Without Bypass Surgery In Pune

Treatment Protocol

3 treatments per week at 5-10 ischemic zones, 100 shocks per zone, 0.09 mj/mm2

Treatment Stratergy

” At each treatment session shock waves are to be delivered to the border of the ischemic area triggering the viable tissue for angiogenesis “

• Equipment (Cardiospec system, disposables)
• Technical support
• Staff trained in ESMR and proficient in echocardiography
• Sufficient number of patient based on indications/contraindications
• Pre-treatment testing: location and viability of ischemic tissue
• Patient agreement for the procedure (9 weeks)

Treatment Characteristics

“• Low energy density
• Focused area size (6mm X 6mm x 40mm)”

The effect through the SW path

“Magnifying Glass Effect”