Heart Transplant Alternatives

Heart Transplant alternatives in pune

Cell-based therapies including cell transplantation and myocardial grafting are new and emerging alternatives to heart transplantation currently under development. Individual cells that are force generating or can be induced to generate force can be delivered to injured hearts. These cells can also be engineered into sheets with biomaterial support to graft to defect myocardium. To achieve therapeutic effects, a large supply of cardiac lineage-committed cells is essential since up to millions of cardiomyocytes may be damaged by myocardial infarction. The recent identification of cardiac stem cells has offered new hope of developing novel approaches to stimulate cardiac regeneration.

Heart Transplant Alternatives in Pune

Normally need a long wait for a donor’s heart for a heart transplant.  The best heart transplant alternatives is ESMR treatment. ESMR means Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularisation. ESMR also called as Non-invasive cardiac Angiogenesis treatment.

This shockwave therapy is similar to an Ultrasound wave with high intensity and short duration. By the underwater high voltage spark, the sound wave is produced, which is passed non-intensively, focused by a special ellipsoid reflector. Near the injured area with a water cushion, the reflector copulates to the patient’s skin. The distance from the focal plane into the patient’s body is adjusted according to the clinical requirements.

Heart Transplant Alternatives in Pune

The high energy Xrays known as Radiotherapy is used to damage cancer cells and stop them from growing. To affect a limited number of cells the radiation is very carefully targeted such as any remaining cancerous cells and a very small portion of surrounding normal cells in order to minimize damage to normal tissues. The goal is to kill the diseased tissue and spare the normal ones. After completion of chemotherapy, the Radiation therapy is most commonly used. Radiation can be given as external beam( in which X rays come from radiation material outside the body) or in which radioactive material is directly placed in the breast in thin tubes (brachytherapy). External radiation therapy is more commonly used and is usually given for a period of 5-6 weeks for 5 days per week. An additional boost is given at the end of the therapy that is focused on the primary site of a tumor.