Heart Treatment Without Bypass Surgery

Heart Treatment Without Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery, or coronary artery bypass surgery, is used to replace damaged arteries that supply blood to your heart muscle. A surgeon uses blood vessels taken from another area of your body to repair the damaged arteries.

This surgery is done when coronary arteries become blocked or damaged. These arteries supply your heart with oxygenated blood. If these arteries are blocked or blood flow is restricted, the heart doesn’t work properly. This can lead to heart failure.

Why does a person need Bypass Surgery?

When a material in your blood called plaque builds up on your arterial walls, less blood flows to the heart muscle. The muscle is more likely to become exhausted and fail if it’s not receiving enough blood.

An alternative treatment for Bypass surgery is practiced by Dr. Rahul Patil in his Hridayam Heart Care Clinic in Pune. ESMR treatment also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization Therapy (ESMR) has revolutionized the heart-related complications including bypass, blockage and heart transplant.

Non-Invasive Cardiac Angiogenesis Therapy (Ni–CATh) is a new way of treatment that utilizes the potential of extracorporeal shockwave technology to enable myocardial revascularization. It can be best described as usage of shock waves to enhance the blood supply to heart muscles. These shock waves refer to low-intensity sound waves that are more or less similar to the ultrasound frequencies.

heart blockage treatment without surgery in pune

Dr. Rahul Patil is an accomplished Interventional Cardiologist in Pune, practice since 2006. He is Director, Interventional Cardiology, at Hridayam Heart Care Clinic in Pune, and has also working as Consultant Cardiologist at Ruby Hall Clinic since 2006. He has successfully treated patients with heart blockage treatment without surgery in Pune, India. He is leading cardiologist in Pune, India.






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